Book Donation Information

Friends of the South River Library Book Donation Information

Book Donations will be accepted starting Tuesday, July 6th.


1.  How and when can book donations be made?

Book donations can be made when the South River Library is open.  Please bring them to the circulation desk during Library hours. 

If you have any questions, please call us at 732-254-2488 during library hours.

Do not leave donations in the book drop or outside of the Library.


2.  What type of books are accepted for the book sale?

We accept fiction and current non-fiction for both children and adults.


3.  Are there any types of books that we are especially looking for?

We are always on the look-out for children's easy readers and picture books; books for tweens and young adult. 

We accept all types and ages of cookbooks.  This includes cookbooks which have been put out by churches, firehouses, Scouts and other organizations. 

We also want recently published popular fiction


4.  What types of books don't we want?

Anything in poor condition or outdated should be recycled, such as:

Computer manuals - if you don't need them, neither do we

Older Text books and any that have been underlined and written in

Out of date science books

Books that have been chewed by your pet - even if it only a little

Books that are falling apart; smell of dust, mildew or smoke

Children's books that have been written in/scribbled in

Workbooks, puzzle books, coloring books that are partially filled in

When in doubt, ask yourself “would I pay money for this at a book sale?”


5.  What about (audio) non-print items?

We gladly accept CDs, DVDs, and Audio Books

We don't accept cassettes and VCR tapes, please put them in the trash.